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So what about the car? Anatomy of a Wildcat

The JPR Wildcat is a kit car design based on the looks of the legendary E-Type Jaguar.
The kit was based on a MK1 E-Type Jag with a slightly modified rear end to take a wider selection of axles.
The body comprises a GRP tub, bonnet and doors.

The Chassis STeel Box Section

The Chassis is a lightweight 120kg box section frame.
It was originally designed for Ford Cortina mechanicals, but was later supplied to sit on Ford Sierra or Jaguar XJ6 running gear.

The Engine Choices Here's a straight six

Almost any engine can be fitted but Ford Pintos and Rover V8s are the usual choices although the club has a smattering of Datsun, Ford Cosworth, Jaguar etc.

The Build Building a Wildcat`

Unfortunately Wildcats are not longer made, however, this doesn't mean they are not still being built. From time to time these cars pop on for sale and may need a strip down and re-build.

Like all kit cars the build time varies considerably from project to project and from person to person. As a guide, Dave Crabb's original build took him 200 hours to complete over a period of six months- although he spent many more hours since improving and re-engineering various parts of the car.

A visit to any of the big Kit car shows should provide examples of the different interpretations of the basic kit. Some are fairly simple while others are very complex and are fitted with every conceivable extra.

Likewise the standard of finish varies from car to car. Regardless of the quality of the finish, all the owners derive a great deal of fun out of their cars.



Hand laid-up GRP with white gel coat


Purpose-built multi-tubular steel diagonally braced space frame


427 cms


119 cms


178 cms


147 cms


244 cms

Ground clearance



825 kg

Body Style

Open two seater or two plus two (or LeMans coupe)

Running gear

Ford Cortina, Sierra or Jaguar XJ6


Ford Pinto, V6, Rover V8, Jaguar, Datsun


A wide range can be fitted


JPR trim kit or custom trim


Most Series 1 E Type Jaguar chrome will fit


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