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JPR Wildcat Kit Car

Left Hand Drive

The above JPR Kit Car originally built in 1981 is being re-built to look more like a real E Type, to end up like this -

Work needs completion.

(The owner, a retired engineer, sadly died during build having successfully built a Wildcat previously. This would have been his second Wildcat, but unfortunately cancer got him first.)

Extensive supporting documentation describing the build to date is available.

MANY NEW ITEMS (with receipts, Bumpers alone cost over 700 pounds)

SERIOUS OFFERS OVER 7,000 euros (6,100 pounds)


Donor car was a Ford Cortina (believed to be MK 3), including the suspension and brakes

2.0 litre Pinto engine with 4 speed manual gearbox

Engineered to a high standard, and fully documented

New E Type chrome work fitted but removed ready for body re-spray, includes:

Front & rear bumpers with over-riders, badge bars, front & rear lights, chrome headlight rims, bonnet strips, door side strips, windscreen trim, A pillar strips

Professional interior trimming completed for:

door cards, tunnel arm rests and storage, foot-well panels, rear parcel shelf. (MGB seat frames and cushions made narrower; new seat covers require finishing (could be finished at purchasers cost), head rest are completed.

Suspension refurbished with new adjustable shock absorbers

Brakes fully refurbished

4 1/2J x14AR Wire wheels and conversion kit, including Jaguar spinners, plus new inner tubes will be supplied. Suitable tyres will be required

The hood is good

Many additional car parts included



Much more information is available from

DAVID BISCOE, PHONE 07710 143103



PHONE 07850 375656



Wildcat in Germany


74 KW 1993cm³

Motor Ford OHE

3 previous owners

Initial registration in Germany 07.12.1988

Technical conditon is very good

No damage on the body!

Owned by me since 2005

Contact via Email toby.0815@gmx.de

Tobias B. 48143 Münster. Germany



Ian Murray's Wildcat

JPR Wildcat. Number 16 of 147 sold

Reluctant sale of a cherished Wildcat, built and first registered in 1989 by current owner

Originally delivered to the Stoneleigh Kit Car Show in 1988, the car has been garaged from new and comes with the original sales brochure, build manual, invoice and bills and some pictures of the original build and donor car. Used almost every year since, regularly at times, more recently just high days and holidays [dry ones]. Engine fully rebuilt for build, with 56K miles since then. Full years [new style] MOT to June 2019, with no advisories.

2L Ford Pinto engine and ford running gear. 4 speed gearbox with rear axle from 2.3L for higher gearing. Paint work in MG Tartan Red twin pack and in very good condition. The soft top is in good condition and sold with the rare detachable hard top, matched to body colour

Metal chassis in very good condition having been stripped and repainted three times since new [most recently in 2017] and sill outriggers replaced less than 6K miles ago

The instrument panel is from a Jaguar XJ 12 and is similar to that used in some e-types. The interior is in good condition for age and amateur build

The exhaust is stainless steel [apart from the initial down pipe from exhaust manifold] and ends in e-type twin bullet pipes.

15” Spares included - new clutch kit, unrestored gearbox, steering column with key, sump, servicing parts and no doubt others lurking in dark corners. Schedule of part numbers or donor source for most parts used. Single CD player/radio secreted in glovebox.

Note. two of the bumpers and under the front grill- cracks in the gelcoat from careless parkers.[Stainless steel replacement bumpers are available on line for the Wildcat]. WIndscreen has crack, top right. The car has been well looked after, is ready to drive, with lots of scope for tuning and upgrading, not perfect but very useable. Be ready to for lots of approaches at petrol stations and waves and smiles on the road from those who know what it is (and those who do not)



Le Mans Wildcat Coupe

Due to unforeseen circumstances and after a lot of work on the only Wildcat Coupe in the country, it has to go.. Brought back to the original configuration of the Le Mans Lindner/Nocker Coupé.

Total re-spray. Sporting a Datsun straight 6 engine, Twin with SU.Carbs, Ram-Flow air filters with Stainless steel exhaust and a 4 outlet V12 tailpipe assembly. New spark plugs fitted.

A new radiator pressure cap and 5 litres of anti-freeze fitted. New boot hinges.

A pair of front lower sills leading edge, wind deflectors. Bonnet opening gas assist struts.

The rear third lamp has been let into the body, and being red in body colour, blends in very nicely. The rear pressed aluminium number plate is held into place by the L.E.D. number plate lamp The 1960s period rear red and white Jaguar decal has been fitted.

A new 70 Amp battery fitted. The fuel filler cap body flap, has been upgraded to a matching pair if converted back to petrol. A pair of horns.1 key locks both doors and the boot.

A modern interior fix radio Ariel will be supplied with the car, so no break to the clean body lines with an external aerial,

Their are a new set of 4 headlamp Acrylic Perspex, but need to be shaped to the body, original chrome outer trim rims.

15” Bolt on wire wheels. Reclining seats. New head lining. Ready to drive away with tax and MOT

This is the only Wildcat Le Mans coupe in the UK so its unique, recently restored to its current condition.

Its LPG powered which keeps the cost of motoring down but can easily be converted back to petrol power.





Sorry to say my pride and joy has to go for medical reasons.

First the bad points: No heater and hood will need reconditioning. That's it!

All good news from now on.

Lots of stuff done over the past few years:
Rewired. Carb professionally rebuilt and converted to manual choke.
Front suspension grommets and bushes replaced.
Suspension serviced.
New radiator hoses.
New plugs.
Vacuum, ammeter and voltmeter installed.
New brake master cylinder, discs and callipers.
New rear pads and slave cylinders.
There are lots of routine spares including a spare steering column and a pair of Jaguar carbs.
Complete set of 15" wheels with new tyres, a set of 14" wheels with good tyres and a set of 14" alloys with old tyres.
New battery last year.
Chrome headlight rims, bonnet strips and bumpers all round.
Oil valve seals replaced last year.

It's a 2lt Pinto out of a 1972 Ford Cortina with it's accompanying 4 speed gear box.
It's registered as an historic vehicle so no road tax to pay.
The hood is tatty but the frame is good and really only needs recovering. I took it off to recover it but have not done so yet.

The "wire wheels" in the photo are simply plastic hub caps on 15" wheels, but they do look quite smart. I think the bigger wheel suits the car's longer body, but that is only a matter of opinion.

It's basically sound and would make a good base for some interesting upgrades like the Datsun engine etc..

The car now has a new MoT and new front calipers and hoses. Also, it has inertia reel seat
belts which are a great advantage.

I also have a Datsun ZX 260 engine in need of a re-build and 5 speed manual Datsun box that I was going to fit but didn't. This box seems to be in good condition.
These are also available if the buyer was interested.




Tom Chapman's Wildcat


I bought the car 2 years ago to replace my MX5 which I sold. I am approaching 60 and no longer have enough time or opportunity the car, the oft inclement weather in the UK, and the time I spend abroad during the summer months. I have therefore thinking more and more about selling it on to another enthusiast who could make better use of it.

About The Car.

I bought it from a chap in Bodmin, Cornwall in June 2010. The car came with a fairly comprehensive manual with details of the build/some pictures and receipts etc - and is based on a single donor car, a Cortina 2 litre (Pinto) registration EAL 364T. This was later changed (before I bought the car) for a black and silver number plate MLZ 3135 which it currently has.

It has wire wheels and new tyres with less than 2000 miles on them and all the fuel lines have been replaced, brake hoses re-aligned, various suspension bushes replaced, the exhaust system-fitted properly, and various other minor issues were corrected, and a new battery. It passed the Mot on July 6th 2010. Last year passed the MOT no problem, and this ran out on 5th July 2012.

I replaced the faux-leather (plastic) dash/fascia with a hand-made wood-panel one last year. A couple of the gauges are still playing up, but this only small attention to the wiring (which is not my forte!)- They all worked before. The mileage on the original engine is now just over 90k, and although the engine does smoke a little bit at-start up and when hot, it does not burn any significant volumes of oil. The front nearside bumper is in poor condition and would benefit from-chroming (or even replacing), and the rear bumpers which I have and are in a good condition, area series 1.5 E Type - these have not been fitted to the car as they require cutting to shape, which I do not have the facilities to do. The car is not perfect, but it has been great fun.







E type dash and centre console
replica wooden steering wheel
wine red trimmed carpets
wine red seats
chrome wheels and baskets
convertible roof (although this might need a re-dye as its a bit faded and has not been used for a long time)
full toneau cover in red leather with zip down the middle
wooden and aluminium boot rack
flow flex poly bushes on suspension arms and tie bushes
accuspark electronic ignition accuspark sports coil
2.0 pinto with high lift cam
twin 40 weber carbs
type 9 5 speed gearbox
heat wrapped sports manifold
twin exhaust...
carbs could do with setting up to be perfect

Comes with a years mot but no tax,so cant be driven on the road.

Would need to be collected on a trailer or transporter,a friend has a truck so could possibly get a price for this for you...



Very rare E type lowdrag coupe replica

2.8 Nissan straight six engine, dual fuel LPG and petrol.

Currently SORN, interior needs some tidying.

Mechanics and bodywork good, good tyres.

Jaguar alloys, correctly registered as Wildcat.


Car is in darkest Shropshire




Unfortunately due to ill health my Big Red Car has to go. I have just returned from a 900 mile trip around France with no problems, returning 33mpg at over motorway speeds with two up and luggage. A trip from Portsmouth to Birmingham (easy driving) returned over 40 to the gallon.

The car has always been maintained whatever the cost and always garaged.

Must be seen to be believed I believe is the phrase!

2.7 BMW injected engine with auto box Really striking red which is admired by all, a real head turner

Taxed to September 2010

MOT valid until April 2011

Please no time wasters as I live on the Isle of Wight if you want to view you will have to come to me unless other arrangements are made

Top of the range Wildcat E type Roadster.


Below is a list of accessories

Headlights off warning. This tells you if you drive out of a garage at night without your headlights on or at dusk forgetting to put them on. We have all seen the 'If I can see you, you can see me' driver with no lights on, operated by a sensor in the headlight pod.

Spotlights on when entering an unlit area. Particular handy when entering dark car parks or when the light falls beneath a certain leve, such as in the shadow of a lorry. Oncoming will be able to see you with the side spots lights on. Operated by small sensor unit Spots mounted in redundant flasher pods when E type or MGB side and flasher units fitted with chrome bumpers. Also a flashing LED on dash to tell when they have been activated.

Bonnet lights for working on the ignition system at night, operated by unlatching the bonnet or by manual switching.

Remote starter plug. Handy to start the car without having to walk round and turn off at the key.

Emergency cut off. Handy if you want to stop the engine without having to walk round to the key.

High mounted hazard lights in the bonnet. Warns traffic behind you with high flashers. Mounted high in the bonnet wheel arches.

Power points in the engine bay. Two terminal, positive and negative that you can put leads into and get a direct power supply without turning on the ignition. Great for troubleshooting.

Light beside the battery terminals. Great for seeing where you are putting the battery charging clips. (Mine is hidden under the remote oil tank that acts as a sump). Manual switch

Spotlights mounted in the mouth of the bonnet Four spots make up for the lumens lost through the glass of the headlights. Operates with main beam and 'flash' switch on steering column.

High output main beam lights. 100W bulbs for main beam. Some authorities frown upon them but as you only use them when no one is in front of you, I don't see a problem with these and if I can see better then it's a safety feature.

Two small spotlights mounted in the redundant winker pods works with the four spots and separately with the darkness sensor. There seems a lot of lights, some six main beam lamps lighting the way, but I feel that the better I can see ahead the safer I am.

Up-rated brakes. Austin Princess four pot brakes. The better I can stop the more likely you are to get home in one piece.

Vented disks. This coupled with the four pot brakes decreases the stopping distance required. It's better than having a windscreen wiper on the inside of the car.

Wire wheels. MGB wheel with Cortina tyre sizes to give a wider tyre on an MGB wheel. Fitted using adaptors bolted to the original studs.

Chrome bumpers Not the cheapest of improvements but the one I would say that I would say was the one to save for as it changes the appearance of the car tremendously.

Thermostatically controlled radiator fan. Only operates when the water temp rises above the required setting. Gives better cooling performance.

Engine change. Engine is a BMW 2.7 injected engine, rebuilt on acquisition

Auto box. Having back truble made me change from a manual to an auto. Can still use the box like a manual.

Tool boxes in the engine bay side scuttle. A good place to put storage either for tools or wine bottles.

Alarm system Operated by key switch set in bodywork.

Bonnet release warning. A warning light shows when the bonnet has become unlatched.

Lockable glove box. Great for storing tickets and lipsticks. Try to tell her tickets are more valuable than lip stick. Why else has it got an integral vanity mirror.

Map lights. Expensive if you can get them at a Kit Car Shoe stall but available from scrap yards at low cost. They are the rear reading lights on the XJ6 type Jaguar and I believe Daimler. I have one fitted on the driver's door and one on the glove box lid.

Electric windows. A must if you travel abroad alone as leaning across the lower the passengers window can be distressing if parts of you collide with the gear lever or handbrake trying to reach the window winder on the passenger side. Also if you are trying to leave a car park with a ticket booth on the passenger side it save getting out of the car and tying up the traffic behind you.

Electric mirrors. Handy for watching the girl walking down the passenger side of the car and when travelling on the continent.

Electric door pumps. Save yourself the trouble of bailing out the door when it fills with water by having windscreen washer pumps in each door.

Interior lights. Fitted into the upright sill under the dash and on the side of the centre console.

Centre console. Completely removable which allows you to access under the dash. Mine contains the following Radio with speakers mounted either side of the console and in the rear bulkhead of the boot.

Lights left on warning. Fog and spot light switches. Dusk warning switch.

All gauges such as fuel temp water temp etc.

Two interior courtesy lights with independent switches.

Heater control On/off wire operated lever control to main input.

Central transmission tunnel storage compartments. Fitted between the two ash trays in front of the central console, these contain the bonnet release catches, radio cassettes and two boxes side by side for general storage.

Two heaters. One for the cockpit and one for the windscreen.

Parcel shelf passenger side with light. Suitable for European and UK maps, travel documents, tickets etc etc

Parcel shelf Small parcel shelf, driver's side

Foot rest Drivers side. Side pockets. Solid pockets set on interior doors. Set into doors guarantees they will get wet due to the water dropping down the windows into the door space. These are large enough for hats, maps, papers etc Roll bar with high intensity rear brake light mounted into the bar.

Draught excluder roller. Raised to reduce back draught when driving.

Rear seat belts. Fitted to allow kids to sit in the back. Only applicable to the Roadster 2+2. Also acts as straps to retain luggage on the rear seats.

Boot light. Operated by rear boot lid support arm and set into the false bulkhead in front of the fuel tank.

Extra boot storage Boot storage increased by removing part of the interior side wall that form part of the wheel arch Boot drains. Does away with the sponge to dry out the boot.

Storage Boxes. These storage boxes with doors are located in the false bulkhead and run down the side of the fuel tank. Handy for the jack and rubber/copper hammer to take off the wheel spinners in one side and the small air compressor, spare inner tube and torch in the other.

Warning triangle fitted into inside of boot behind the rear number plate position.

Spare wheel cover. Cover fitted to the false bulkhead in the boot.

Rear Light covers. Protects the rear light wiring from damage.




Terry Green's Wildcat

(Terry is/was Jon Randall's importer of Wildcats in the U.S.)


Triple black. Professionally built in 1991 with the best of all components and equipment. Under the hood: 350 Chevy, GM350 transmission, Ford 8" rear, 3:55 open gear. Edelbrock intake Holley 650 carb, headers, twin electric fans. In the cockpit: vinyl seats and top, walnut dash, premium Ididit tilt steering column, Stewart-Warner mechanical gauges. Other details: HPC-coated dual exhaust; Spax coil-overs all-around, curb weight 1,908 lbs; Painless 18-circuit harness; chromed 14" wire wheels, only 200 gentle miles since completed.



Please call back regularly and check as this page

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We always have people looking for Wildcats

so, if you have one for sale, please let us know


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